Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Holoucast Rememberence Day

Maimona!! Maimona jaan!! Dukhtar ask your Agha jaan about dodhe khourey (Meals taken)…After a while a seven year old girl came to mother. No, Agha jaan is saying that he is waiting for Baba jaan and take meals with him upon his arrival…Maimona has all valid reasons to rejoice since morning as she got the news that Baba jaan Afzal Khan is coming from Peshawar after 3 months. Afzal Khan was a loader to Rustam Khan @ Karkhano bazar, Hyatabad, Peshawar and also earn some money for his services to purchasers.

The exciting news about arrival of his father gave her extra enthusiasm to work with Bibi jaan in milking the goats, feeding the hen & collecting eggs, kneading dough etc. She said to Bibi jaan, “ Are you sure Baba jaan is coming today? What he said over telephone? Did he asked about me? Did he told you about promised doll?” Her querries remained unanswered by Bibi jaan though replied with a smile. She looked at Maimoona and asked her to complete the asigned task for cleanliness so that father feel better. Bibi jaan may be not expressive but the excitement & bliss on account of arrival of Afzal Khan was not different from Maimona Jaan.

In waiting Maimona sat on nearby stone at rah-dari outside house so that she will be first to see Afzal Khan. Finally she saw Baba jaan coming towards home. With sheer excitement she started running for his father’s hug. At a distance of two meter between father & daughter fierce blast erupted. Two of the missles ripped through the house adjoining Madrassah killing 9 people. Their bodies were charred beyond recognition and could not be identified. Alongwith Dada jee (Agha Jaan) Bibi Jaan was a beneficiary of recent drone attack by US non-pilot aircraft killing Maimona jaan & Afzal Khan. Maimona’s mutilated hand was hanging on the nearby tree in good hope of justice.

After one hour of the incidence the breaking news flashed around the globe about Drone attack in Waziristan killing important Taliban leader. In further three hours news item came out from lead stories/headlines.

Next day besides accustom sullen news of drone attack a major news item in the major national newspapers reads “The World celebrated Holoucast Rememberence Day around the globe against adversities & genocide Jews faced during World War II by Nazi Germany, under Adolf Hitler.”

(All the Characters in the above mentioned story are imaginary & fictional work and resemblance to any actual incident is merely coincidence for which blog-writer is not responsible)