Tuesday, July 28, 2009


So finally I have started out. When I thought of having a blog I was skeptical if I would be able to write what I want to? My inside out? My fear of how my reader/listener will think of me was the frontline resistance. Then in recent past I realized that for me more important is that how I feel about my writing. Everyone has a right to agree or disagree to own or disown my words. I am merely self centered narrator of my own. For my own choice and for my own will. You may feel egotistical but for this very purpose of blogging yes I am.

With a title of Daastan Siraey (Narrative inn) I will try to narrate my fusion tale of my inner outer world, my experience of being non-existent existent, my nostalgia, my kahi unkahi, synthesis of timeline, fabrication of articulation, blend of real & fantasy and their jugal bandi, my version of Alif Laila hazar daastan.

Welcome to my Daastan Siraey! Tapestry of woven tales

This blog is dedicated to all those who believe in classic form of story telling.


  1. Best of Luck sir,,,i hope u will make it gud ,as u normally did in calss,,

  2. Another blogger in town!

  3. We know that you will conquer the world through your writings! Looking forward to have master pieces!