Thursday, July 30, 2009

Recession is a beautiful thing

It was bethak on 4thfloor we were discussing economic recession, unemployment, fall of capitalism waghera…I was trying to put all my knowledge outside to justify that recent economic balloon burst is all because of capitalism and consumerism seeking very less likely chances for recovery for at least 2 years more.

Then finally bethak concluded on account of unbearable hot & humid weather with electricity all gone and failure of UPS who was earlier reason for moving ceiling fan with inng zing sonnet asking for appreciation.

In amid darkness we started moving downstairs with mobile phone flash lights ON. I said to him “You see we are moving in dark in recession, are not we moving in gloom? We have been destined for darkness! (I tried to put last nail in coffin of my verbose dialogue)

He said, “I certainly disagree with all your theories & interpretation. Ups & downs are part of life, every boom faced recession, and every recession ends up with hope of recovery so Recession is a beautiful thing”.

The sentence keeps moving in around the corners of my mind “Recession is a beautiful thing”. Next day I accumulated all of my available cash & placed an order to buy discounted stocks considering “Recession is a beautiful thing”.


  1. Very beautiful writing...please keep writing like this.