Saturday, August 1, 2009

Princess Zaib-un-Nisa's Mausoleum

When she was not treated well being remain unmarried on account of darbar politics, the treatment for her mausoleum is not different as such. Mughal princess Zaib-un-Nisa’s 350 years old Mausoleum at Samnabad, Lahore is a symbol of gross negligence of the concerned authorities as the Mausoleum is in pathetic & miserable conditions. The illegal occupation of the Mausoleum area by local woodworks is remained unchecked by the municipal or local government.

The Mughal princess was famous for her taste for art & craft and her love for nature & parks. Chouburji monument, the centre of activity & one of the busiest squares in Lahore was supposed to be a gateway for magnificent ladies park founded by the Mughal princess outside the walled city at that time. The princess
died in 1669 and the mausoleum was built which was piece of art & Mughal architecture.

Today Mausoleum looks shabby with broken floors. Painted & crafted wall interior is either damaged or lost in defense with harsh weather seasons. There is dare need to renovate the premises & protect the area from land grabbers.

When I was serving banker in close vicinity of the last araam-gah of the princess back in year 2007 I occasionally pay visit to the late Mughal lady. The silent whispers of the broken fa├žade have timeless stories to tell about miseries & agony of living & dead princess. In surroundings, being Noha-kana I was used to be the sole pacifier for the late princess.

Maatam-sira bhi hotey hain kiya khud-gharz Qateel
Apney ghamoon pey rootey hain le kur kisi ka naam


  1. appreciable effort

  2. The stanza in the end is lovely!

  3. there is a big confusion. as per my search and dig to history, Zeb-un-Nissa died in 1701 in Shahjahanabad (old Delhi), while Aurangzeb was in trip to Deccan. Her tomb was in the garden of "Thirty thousand trees", outside of the Kabuli Gate. But when the railway line was laid out at Delhi, her tomb was shifted to Akbar's mausoleum at Sikandara, Agra. i can't find any historical evidence that the tomb near samabad is actually the last rest of zaib un nisa, the Mughal emperor “Aurangzeb” (known as Alamgeer),

  4. very interesting, topic shows how carefully you observe all the things.... appreciative work...

    last two lines at the end are so beautiful!

  5. seems to be a blog with misleading historical facts...U must check the historical facts first before writing such blogs!

  6. The Mausoleum in Samanabad doesn't belong to Princess Zeb-un-Nisa.

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