Wednesday, August 5, 2009


I can’t understand anything, nor interpret & infer either. And believe me it’s not my fault or error, actually God made me like this. It’s often hard to comprehend what people are saying to me. My parents, siblings, teachers & friends I can recognize them but sometimes there faces mingled in my perception. If this kind of feeling happen I almost found myself lost.

Among all my teachers, Miss Nayyer is the most admirable personality I have ever had. She is an amazing person. When no one listens to my worries & my feelings I always found her caring, concerned & passionate.

Since last 2 weeks my teacher was preparing myself for a rhyme presentation. You know, rhyme was all about mermaid, swimming, move around in water, waving hands like fish as my teacher showed to me. She taught me each step & lesson regarding performance. We repeatedly performed steps with back ground music. Me & my teacher.

Then the day came when I had to give on stage performance. The presence of audience was making me nervous &tense. I was loosing control over my mind. My teacher was there to give me strength. She took my hand, caressed, looked in my eyes & said: Believe me! I am sure & confident that you can do it!

Finally my name announced, background music began, and I started performance in front of dinosaur audience. My teacher was there off stage to guide me about the steps. She was enthusiast. Her eyes were full of expectations & energy. I started swimming in the air. Wearing colourful attire of mermaid I followed steps of my teacher. My teacher was performing with me. And I concluded successfully. Hall was full of clap, full of joy and round of applause.

My teacher came up stage & kissed me in reward. And I found Kaiynat.

P.S: On August 4, 2009 I was guest at Annual function of Mother & child Rehabilitation Society (Alhamra Hall # 2). Mother & child Rehabilitation Society is an organization for handicapped & mentally retarded children. Kaiynat was 5 years old mentally retarded girl performed in certificate winning tableau. Miss Nayyer is my most beloved primary teacher lost in time. To give her honour & grace I am searching for her address or where about for the last 15 years and my search for her is fruitless to date. And I percept Miss Nayyer in every dedicating primary teacher.


  1. I sincerely wish you may find your teacher

  2. "Kaiynat" has reminded me the day when i performed "titli hun mai titli hun" in prep class.......... i felt this is written for me while reading this story... Simply "THE BEST" .......... INSHAHALLAH you will be successful to find your teacher one day.............

  3. start was superb...a­or jis word ne sab se zyada attract kia that was "dinosaur audience" :)­lafzon ka sahi istamal isy hi kehty hain­!

  4. Kiya app ko Miss Nayyer mili?