Monday, August 3, 2009

Ranjha – Aaj Kaal

Subsequent upon electricity break down, Ranjha was sitting idle at roof top. He just heard about some court decision about November 3 emergency by the court of law for which he was not sure what is actually the judgment meant for however to his level of expertise on politics which he has gained from listening evening political shows he was sure that there is something about impeachment of Ex-President Musharraf.

He aimlessly forwarded some of the recently received SMS in love with President Zardari excluding Heer. Since last 3 days he has not received any communication from Heer. This non communication was causing him frustration & distress besides humidity & bad weather.

Ultimately after loosing the battle of who will communicate first (winner being the last) he pushed the button to talk for Heer. After a one calling beep the bollywood song (recent hit) started. Despite of patience listening of the same song twice phone was not picked by Heer. He tried the Heer’s No. 3rd time which was picked by her finally.

Heer: Hello
Ranjha: Oh sweet heart! Where are you? Its been 3 days I have not heard from you?
Heer: Bus kiya bataoon, balance khatam ho gya thaa!
Ranjha: Abhi last week hi tu load karwa ki diya thaa??
Heer: Bus tumhien tu pata hai mie call kay bina reh hi nahin sakti & SMS voh tu mujhe pasand hi bohat hai, so khatam ho gya!
Ranjha: Aur ye aaj kaal tum ho kahan??
Heer: I have been volunteering for NGO serving IDPs (being fashion statement)
Ranjha: IDPs?
Heer: Don’t you know?? Internally Displaced Persons?
Ranjha: Oh I see! So are you going to Mardan?
Heer: No dude! We arrange protest by putting play cards for media attention and all such kind of stuff for rehabilitation & settlement of IDPs.
Ranjha: I have composed some special MP3 flute tunes in mobile for you.
Heer: Ahan! Be mature man! Can’t you do something valuable?
Ranjha: Any plans for meeting? I have arranged tickets for premiere show of new bollywood movie @ DHA Cinema.
Heer: I wish my friends also accompany!
Ranjha: How they are in number? (Raised eye brow)
Heer: 4-5 (Rabia, Maria, Sara & Ali)
Ranjha: ummm… ok! (With sheer gloom)
Ranjha: As you may please!
Heer: see you then, Bye!
Ranjha: Bye! (Thinking: Sasti call mehngi pur gaye)

Suddenly electricity glimmered. Ranjha came down from roof top to living room. Ranjha switched on the wall hung LCD screen and after some thumb moves managed to have a stop over at GEO NEWS. GEO Network being found of promoting negativity of Pakistan showing yet another sensational breaking news: 40 houses torched, At least seven people, including four women and two children, have reported to be burnt to death and dozens others have received critical injuries when riots erupted in Gojra between Christian community and Muslims.

Azaan-e-Meghrib erupted from nearby masjid and Ranjha muted the LCD screen thinking of joining some NGO for the noble cause of serving IDPs.

P.S: I watched one of the premiere shows of newly opened “Love – Aaj Kaal” in nearby Cinema (The late night Saturday show was jam packed, overly booked)


  1. What an idea Sir jee!!!

  2. 2 gud sir, 2 gud..:-) really very gud use words.